Merry Christmas!

This Christmas was a great one. Christmas Eve we had some friends over for a potluck dinner.

Then it was Christmas morning!!

Ha, look at how sad our fake Christmas tree looks! Will and I decided to get a fake one this year but went super cheap and so our tree super sucks. But, we live and we learn and we get better trees the following year. Last year we didn’t get a tree so this is still an upgrade.
Do you like our awesome wrapping jobs? Both of us ended up getting the other’s gift on Christmas Eve. I had one of Will’s friends pick his up for me and bring it over when he came over for the potluck dinner. Will left our flat without telling me (I discovered this when I called his name and realized I was alone) and when he came back out of breath I knew what was up… my present was here! Needless to say, the Trader Joe’s bag and the UR blanket made for easy clean up; and that’s important.

Will got me some Hunter wellies and I added to his whiskey collection! We also had a couple extra gifts from a friend and my secret santa at work. Both Will and I get frustrated with how stressful the Christmas season can feel and have decided that we want our Christmases be as simple as possible and one way we’ve decided to do that is to get each other only one gift. That way we can give one really nice thing without breaking the bank.
The rest of the day was spent lounging and listening to music and crafting. I had bought a bunch of jars from various charity shops to fill them up with various food but had them grouped on my counter taking up precious space.

Well, I wanted to label them and when I saw this picture on Pinterest I thought I’d give it a go. Chalkboard’s really trendy right now, right?

So, what do you think?
I hated it. It didn’t look nice or clean. Fail.
Then, I remembered I have an awesome typewriter and decided to try that. Ta daaaaaa!

I liked it. Or at least I liked it more than the chalkboard labels. Will thinks the labels are unnecessary and part of me agrees with him but I wanted to try it out.

So, what do you think? Did you like the chalkboard labels or did they do less than nothing for you too?

Have you tried any Pinterest ideas? Which ones? Did they work out?


2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. I like cutting out the name of the thing from the packet and sticking it inside the jar, between the foodstuff and the glass. Works decently with flour, as long as you get the label way down near the bottom of the jar.

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