As Close to P-Diddy-style As I’ll Ever Get

Yep, you read that right, and you’re assuming correctly, I’ve experienced a moment where I kinda somewhat maybe knew what P-Diddy’s posse feels like. What experience was this, you ask? (or at least I hope you’re asking or that would be weird). The office Christmas party!
So, I work for a nursing agency that covers the entirety of both Scotland and Northern Ireland. We have a sister company that does the same in England and in Wales. Every year they have a joint Christmas party down in England because, as our director has explained, it’s easier to fly 15 people down to England instead of 300+ up to Scotland AND pay for their hotel. Yeah, I was flown to the Christmas party!

Of course, the party started in the airport…

Hello London!

When we landed and finally got to the hotel we had 30 minutes to get ready. 30 Minutes people. How do you get ready for a Christmas party in 30 minutes? And this wasn’t just run-of-the-mill party, there was going to be an awards ceremony and a club. Yeah, please don’t ask because I still can’t tell you.

After not winning any awards (I’ve only been there 5 months people, give me a break) the party started. We ate dinner and then danced the night away.

Yes, that is a very tall man.

That man was hired to dance here… I was a bit embarrassed. Nope, a lot embarrassed.

(Go Shirley! It’s your birthday! Not for real real but for play play!) I love Shirley!

And when the night came to an end… I mean, MY night came to an end, at 10:30, I went up to my room. The Brits know how to party and they seriously party hard! I may look like I’m 29 but really I’m 79. I can only hold down 2 glasses of wine before I turn into a belligerent drunkard (coughlightweightcough) and no one really wants to see that; especially people who have to see me Monday through Friday. Or, at least I don’t want them to see it. And I get tired at 9:30 and really enjoy getting a solid night’s rest. See, 79 people. I’m not lying here.
The next morning we discussed the snog-fests (make-out sessions), projectile vomitting, and black outs I missed while eating breakfast and then I went back up to my room to watch some “Frasier” before heading back to the airport.

Soon after we were off headed back up to Edinburgh. Everyone felt a little “off” so it was a quiet trip.

Aaaaaahhhh!! Home sweet home!
And so, there was my P-Diddy-esque experience!


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