Last Thursday Will walked for his second Masters! Needless to say, I’m one proud wife!

The ceremony was in McEwan Hall in George Square and it was beautiful!

I loved seeing the faculty in their Alma Mater’s colors!

Instead of switching a tassle over to the other side the graduate is tapped on the head with the bonnet. It’s connected to when Roman slaves used to be released with an act of manumission which is a tap on the cheek symbolizing their release from slavery. The vice chancellor taps the graduate on the head with the bonnet, the bonnet being a sign of academic authority, releasing the student from their studies.

And here’s Will!

I’m sad I missed the actual tapping but I got it with Nathan.

According to legend, that bonnet is made up of the trousers of John Knox! AND the lining was taken, by a graduate, into space. In the words of the vice chancellor, “The word ‘unique’ is probably over used in the world today, but I feel pretty safe saying that the University of Edinburgh is unique in graduating its students with a ritual of Roman slave manumission by tapping them on the head with a medieval space bonnet.”

YAAAAAAAYYYY GRADUATES!!!! (left to right: Will, Anna, Nathan)

Token graduate photo right here!

And not so token graduate photo.

Oh, I’m so proud of him!

To me, school has been a means to an end. I never enjoyed it and just got it over with as fast as I possibly could. I learn by doing and watching, not by reading or writing. So, it’s hard for me to understand how someone would want to go back to school that involves nothing but that. It baffles me. Will loves it. He absolutely loves it and I’m so glad he does. It means our kids won’t turn out illiterate!

I love you William Kelly!!


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