Wildflower Friday

Happy Black Friday! What did you do today? Did you shop? Did you continue to sleep off all of the food you consumed yesterday?
Will and I haven’t had our Thanksgiving yet. That’s going to be tomorrow with our Edinburgh family! I can’t wait. We’re also having an “open-house” Thanksgiving lunch for our neighbors to meet them. Crossing my fingers more than 1 person shows up.
Anyway, even though Thanksgiving isn’t really a holiday here in the UK I took Black Friday off. I didn’t have any plans except to lounge as much as possible. And clean, for tomorrow. But mainly lounge. And loung I did. I also caught up on all of my blogs, one of them being Wildflowers Photography and coming across her camper van reno and pictures of her family’s camper-holiday. Now, I had blogged about wanting a camper van to travel whatever landmass my family and I are living on at the time and here is someone doing just that! Ugh, be still my anxious heart!

*Note: These are all Joy’s pictures from her blog.

Amazing, right?!

Dear Will,

     You better believe I’ve already mapped out our first two camper van holidays… no matter how many kids we have and what age they are… oh, and the dogs are coming too!

Your love,



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