First of all, the name “Alnwick” is not pronounced at all as you would think. And secondly, it has one of the largest (and coolest) second-hand book shops ever! Oh, and third, anytime with Vanessa and Cameron is a guaranteed good time! Guar-an-teed!

I loved walking into the book store because the first room you walk in to is full of those paper globe lights that IKEA sells. They’re really overdone, in my opinion (of course I have 2 in my flat right now, so, I’m going to shut up now) but their ceiling was FULL of these paper lanterns. I loved it!

There were rows and rows and rows of books. We could have stayed there all day if we had had the time. There was also a cafe which looked so cozy. If I lived in Alnwick I would definitely frequent Barter Books and make it my go-to chill spot.

The town was really cute. tight roads, cozy cafes, and colorful shops.

We didn’t get a chance to go into the castle but we had heard that it’s one of the favorites in England: next time.

After walking around a bit we settled ourselves into a Costa to before heading home. These are my favorite times. Times when you’re spending all day together and as that time comes to an end we’re looking for any excuse to delay it and keep hanging out!

I enjoyed Alnwick a lot. It was nice to see a different part of England other than London. We’re eager to explore more of England!


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