A Few of My Favorite Things

When I was preparing to move here I had no clue what to bring. I scoured the internet for any insight as to what to pack and how to pack it. It wasn’t like any other move. I couldn’t jam it all in trash bags, stuff them in a car and then drive to my new home. Nope, my new home had to fit in a suitcase or two… or three.

While doing a little research I came across a blog that recommend I bring along little knick knacks that would make me feel more at home (i.e. pictures, measuring cups, favorite mug, etc.). So, I started thinking of what would make me feel more at home… and fit in a suitcase… and weigh less than 23kg. These are those things:

A clock, an elephant we bought in India, a dish my wonderful friend Leslie gave me for my wedding, my jewelry stand, an alarm clock I bought years ago with my best friend for our flat together, Will’s grandmother’s clock, my “J Mr. Mug” from Anthropologie.
Trader Joe’s cloth bags, my Anthropologie silverware, my measuring cups, a ceramic dish my mom gave me as a little girl, our Nalgene bottles.
A couple of oven mitts/potholders/trivets, the cutest s&p shakers from Anthro I’ve had for years, must-have Goya products for cooking, our favorite Teavana teas, and the mortar and pestle my mom gave me a few years ago.
Some of our favorite pictures (us as kids, our families, and one of RVA from Libby Hill!)
UR blanket, a tray I bought when I was in Thailand, and my apron.


I know this doesn’t seem like a lot but these things are what have linked my past homes together. The pictures are obvious but stuff like the tray and the cheap-looking alarm clock are comforting to have because I’ve had them for so long. The measuring cups were a genius recommendation because I had brought some of my American cookbooks and the UK doesn’t make American measuring cups. The silverware and apron were a must because I rarely used them in the States and I didn’t want to go four more years NOT using them. Now, I use them every day. A few things we brought as well are our bikes, Will’s guitar, a couple of books, my cameras, Will’s Florida State blanket (correction: Will’s dad’s Florida State blanket), and some sports stuff (an American football, our soccer cleats, and my climbing gear).
So, there you have it, some of my favorite things.

What about y’all. What are some of the things you’d bring if you had to pack your life in a few suitcases?


6 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things

    • I’m the biggest fan of holiday decorating… I just use candles BUT we did bring a couple of ornaments we’ve acquired since getting married.

  1. I wish someone had told me that! Really, we got rid of almost everything and put the few personal “keepers” in storage. I wish I had brought a few Christmas ornaments, and a few kitchen items. We’re pretty minimalist anyway so there wasn’t much to choose from, but it really would make a difference here in our new flat to have some things from “home”.

    The one non-practical thing we did bring was a hand made blue glass starfish that was given to us by our B&B hosts where we stayed when we eloped. It is the only wedding gift we received and it means a lot to us, so it’s nice to see it on the mantle here in England. It brings back memories of the Caribbean, Brazil, and Houston since it’s traveled with us to each of the places we’ve lived.

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