Asian Cajuns!

So, I had a friend of mine over to make the most delicious brownies I’ve ever had and she told me about this blog, AsianCajuns. Have you heard of it? Neither had I. But that doesn’t mean much because there are a TON of things I haven’t heard of. Anwho, I checked out the blog and fell in love! It’s two twins (gorgeous, btw) and they started their blog in Atlanta. But, the best thing (for me) is that one of them got married and moved with her super genius science man to EDINBURGH!!!!!!! I’m not joking. She actually lives 10 minutes away from me. Well, I did what I do best and imposed myself on her life. Yes, I do that so well, just ask Lauryn Galloway about it (love you Lauryn!). Anyway, we met up at my favorite cafe, Lovecrumbs, and chatted. It was a pleasant surprise at how easy it was hanging out. I get so nervous with these things and worry about first impressions. Not because I’m shy but because I don’t really know how to turn myself down. I can be a bit much sometimes. So, we had some laughs chatting about adjusting to living in the UK and apart from our families and marrying geniuses (genii?) and how blog-stalking is way better than Facebook-stalking (truth). Good times!
So, now I have a new blog to stalk and a new friend/neighbor to hang out with! Yay!
Have any of you made a new friend through the blog-o-sphere?!


8 thoughts on “Asian Cajuns!

  1. Besides the obvious fact that it was SO great to meet you and Will in Edinburgh, I’ve also made a few blogger friends in Brazil that I’ve met in person. As it turns out, one of them may also be a very distant cousin since we both seem to have a many-times great grandfather in common who settled in early Salem, Mass. How cool is that?

    I love blogging, and this is one of the bigger reasons. There are some really great connections to be made.

    • Agreed Peg! It was so great meeting you and Brian. I wish we had had more time. And it’s great to read my new, and old, friends’ blogs to keep up with them :) Way better than Facebook!

  2. I had so much fun meeting you (and Will) on Monday, Jackie!!! And you have no idea how excited I am that we now have awesome neighbors — Edinburgh just got that much better! Expats/bloggers/Fountainbridgers unite!

  3. I cannot believe my blogging world is crossing paths! I follow both of you guys!! Sheesh! Edinburgh is tiny. And I should’ve been there with you both. Let’s just stay i’m still bitter about that ;)

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