Boy? Girl? Green!

Our friends are having a baby and not finding out the sex until it enters into this world next month. So, when the baby shower invite came I was excited to try to knit my very first baby apparel in my very favorite color: green!

What do you think?

Note bad, eh? I got the pattern from The Mucky Macbook. And I love that I got to use my manly typewriter to make the tag (bonus!).

What color would you use for a genderless baby gift?


10 thoughts on “Boy? Girl? Green!

  1. I love the green you chose! I really like that you went with such a rich, beautiful color. I often see people lean more toward muted neutrals if a gender isn’t known, or yellow (which also can be quite lovely). Cute set!

  2. GREEN!!! Everytime I open the baby’s clothing drawer those cute little mitts peek out at me and I can’t wait to use them! Green is definitely my top gender neutral colour, after that orange, blue (as long as it’s not baby blue) and of course yellow. Lots of stores seem also to lean towards taupe which is pretty cute.

    • haha! Yeah, I’ve seen taupe around a lot. I can’t wait to see your precious little one in those mitts! It’s going to make my heart melt :)

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