My 29 Year Old “To-Do” List

You guys, I’m 29. 29! This is crazy! I’m in my last year of my twenties. I still feel like I’m 17. 29 year olds are wise and responsible and rational and have careers and babies. I am none of those and have none those. Well, I’m wise for a 17 year old. That counts for something, right?
So, I’ve decided to come up with a to-do list for my final year of my 2nd decade in life:

1. Run in a race here in the UK. Preferably a triathlon because I’d like to get 2 under my belt but I’m not too keen on swimming in the North Sea.

2. Read the following books: Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s The Cost of Discipleship,Dallas Willard’s The Spirit of The Disciplines, and What Would Jackie Do by Shelly Branch and Sue Callaway (because what WOULD Jackie do?)
** Addendum: Pride and Prejudice, Three Cups of Tea, The Hunger Games, The Lord of The Rings, Plum Wine, Sense and Sensibility, Is Everyone Hanging out Without Me.

3. Learn how to use my sewing machine. And use it. More than once.

4. Feel more confidant in my culinary skills. This includes meal-planning within budget (ugh!).

5. Be a pet owner.

6. Get to know all of my neighbors in our building and have them over at least once.

7. Improve my photography. I don’t know how to go about doing this other than really push myself to commit to taking better pictures. Especially in social situations, I’ll just click and be done with it and not really try hard because I’m feeling self-conscious.

8. Learn how to surf. Apparently it’s big here in the UK. Who knew?!

9. Have the flat exactly how Will and I want it (please pray for us because we have very different decorating opinions… and we’re both really stubborn). This means that pictures will be hung, shelves put up, and extra seating for our guests.

10. Knit something complicated.

Okie dokie, well, that’s all I can think of. Do any of you have any “to-do” lists that you’re working on. Any bucket list makers out there?

Here’s a picture of me and Trisha stoked on Baby Chernoff this past weekend. Isn’t Nathalie adorable?!!!!

Photo Cred: Rachel Ehorn


16 thoughts on “My 29 Year Old “To-Do” List

  1. Haha, yeah.. I know how strange it feels to be 29. I am also 29 and it will feel strange to say to people that I am 30 next year. Wish you good luck with your bucket list. I like number 5 with buying a pet. What kind of pet would you like to have?

    • We’re dog people so one of those. Not sure if we’ll take the puppy route or dog route. Ugh, don’t even mention 30. So weird.

  2. What a great list! I wish I was ambitious enough to prepare for a triathlon, I know you can do it!

    Did you know Edinburgh has a digital photography Meetup group? I joined while we were there but never had a chance to go. They do lots of photo walks, meet up socially and have classes with various speakers. All for free. I wonder if that would be what you’re looking for?

    Good luck with the list, can’t wait to see the photos as you work on every one of them!

  3. I am 29 too and I called it the final countdown to a new beginning. I actually think it is something wonderful to see a new year in your life that’s why I think in a way old people are the luckiest people in the world. They have seen so many years go by. It is a blessing to have the chance to grow older

    • Agreed! Looking back is going to be such a laugh but for some reason when I’ve looked forward I’ve seen myself in my 40’s and beyond; never my 30’s. I skipped them. So, really, I’m the weird one ;)

  4. Hey Jackie! I would love to hear more about your tri training–are you doing a sprint tri or an olympic tri? How did you train for the swimming portion–how much swimming a day? Anyhow, do you ever use guest bloggers? I recently interviewed a lady from the UK about how she juggles motherhood, a marketing business and marriage. I thought it might make an interesting article for some of your followers. I posted a link to my blog below:

    • Oh, interesting! I don’t have a need for guest bloggers because I’m not really going any where, nor do I blog consistently enough where a 10-day break is out of the norm (I need to work on that). BUT I will definitely read it and I might re-blog it!
      I haven’t signed up for the race yet… I haven’t even started looking. I just know that I want to do one, preferably a tri (Olympic distance), and I’ll somehow figure out a training regimen for it. I’ve never worked mon-fri so it’ll be interesting. Also, at my first tri I got Greg to teach me how to swim (the doggie paddle wasn’t going to cut it) and swam every time I trained. I also swam the whole distance every time I swam (1 mile). I hated the biking portion and really only biked when I layered my workouts.
      Are you thinking of doing a tri?!

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