New College Women’s Tea

I’ve officially attended my first tea party And it was grand! For the past couple of years some of the wives have started the idea of making the whole New College thing more like a community and have planned events to make this happen. Unfortunately I missed it all last year but this year I wasn’t missing anything. 
I volunteered to help out so I signed up for scones (which, really, I shouldn’t have) and brought my very own tea set! I was really looking forward to this because I would get a chance to meet other wives who’s husbands were starting on their PhD and we’d be on the same “schedule” more or less. I’ve learned that the New College community is very transitional and so it’s nice to know that some of these families will be here for the same three years as me and Will. But, with all of that said, it doesn’t mean we’re being picky; we’ll pretty much take whatever we can get. And to be honest, we’ve got a lot of quality people here!


5 thoughts on “New College Women’s Tea

  1. Hi Jackie!
    Oh I’m so jealous! I’ve never been to a tea in Edinburgh like this. I’ve tried many a high tea at restaurants and cafes (have you been to Tower Restaurant? — my favorite high tea) but never one with a big group of friends.
    Thanks so much for leaving a comment on our blog! I love hearing from other “locals.” Skimming through your blog I kept being like “yes! That’s what we did too” — love expat stories ;).

    • Yay! Maybe our expat lives can cross someday??!!??!! But yeah, it was fun and I loved using my tea set (it justified the purchase all the more!). Good times!

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