Where All The (Culinary) Magic Happens!

Yes, this is finally the big reveal of our kitchen! I’ll start off with our old kitchen from our first flat so you can see where we came from.

These are the pictures I took when we first moved in so that’s why they’re über messy. Here’s one I took after we moved out and cleaned the whole place.

And let’s not forget the mini-fridge that was outside of the kitchen.

And here’s our little nook where we ate.

It wasn’t that bad of a place, and really, I can’t complain… too much. The only light source was connected with the loudest exhaust ever so when you turned that on the exhaust came on too, the oven leaked heat (it took two hours to pre-heat), and there wasn’t enough space to do anything. So, needless to say, when we were flat-hunting we had a few things we wanted to make sure the kitchen had. And this is what we ended up with. Dramatic drum roll, please…

Tadaaaaaaa!!! I know, right!!?!! It’s spacious, has natural light, AND everything works!
I’ll give you a tour. First, you have the oven/hob/workspace area.

Until I figure out a better way to organize my spices I’ve got them all in the top drawer so they’re easy to get to. But I have left out my oils and garlic and the salt and pepper; with some fresh parsley and cilantro to pick from.

Then it’s the electric hob and oven. I love having an electric oven again but I’m going to miss having a gas hob (hob = stove top). I still keep my red frying pan on top for some color. I’ve added my birthday present from James and Olivia to add some color too; a spoon rest from Anthropologie. They know my heart so well.

Next is some more work space slash future hot beverage space. We’ve got our sugars and the electric kettle there now but in the future I’d like to have a little basket to hold some of our teas, some coffee, and our tea spoons so everything’s right there.

After that we come to one of my favorite things about this kitchen: the window. And the sink is right in front of it… where sinks belong. And there are hooks for my dish towels and a perfectly sized nook for my little carpet from Daisy!

And now we come to even more work space!

What makes this space so special are a couple of things:
1. the dishwasher

and 2. a place for our magnetic poetry!

Will has this thing of buying two of everything so we have two sets. But, there isn’t enough room for them in this spot so I have the rest of the words stored in a jar on top of the microwave.

Another awesome thing about this kitchen is the fridge: it’s of normal size. Kabaam!

We’re still getting used to the size of our fridge. Then it’s our little bookshelf where we keep our teas, coffees, hot chocolates, cookbooks, napkins, a sample of my tea set, and Will’s whiskey collection.

My favorite cookbooks are Rachel Khoo‘s The Little Paris Kitchen and River Cottage‘s Veg Everyday!. I like Jamie Oliver’s books and William’s Sonoma’s Book of Baking too. No, we’re not vegetarians, but we are trying to eat more vegetables and learn more about cooking without having to have a meat be the centerpiece of a meal. We also have a few friends of our who are vegetarians so it doesn’t hurt to have some good recipes up my sleeve for them. We’ve also made the switch from paper napkins to cloth napkins to decrease our consumption of paper products. I bought a ton from a few charity shops so they were super cheap.
Next is our little nook that we’re still trying to figure out how to best use the space. It also has our walk-in pantry. Seriously, it’s the largest pantry I’ve ever had!


I’ve mentioned before that I’d love a big comfy chair to sit in but we’d also love to have a vintage writing desk OR an old china cabinet! So many possibilities for that space. Ideally, it would be nice for it to be a place to sit and relax while I’m cooking or baking but I don’t know. We’re still trying to figure out what would best suit our needs and our lifestyle.
And now we come full circle back where we began, the kitchen door.

Isn’t this kitchen great?! I love the green color and how the artwork (courtesy of our awesome landlord’s awesome partner) helps add some pops of color.

Do you guys have any ideas on what I should do with that nook? How about my spices? I’d love to do something like a hanging spice rack like this one from Ikea ages ago but they don’t sell this version anymore.

Photo source: Love Shack Baby

This is their current version that doesn’t look so industrial. I’m not sure how I feel about it.

Photo source: Ikea family live

I’d also like to clean up that bookshelf and get a small rug for the table but all in due time. I also love having the table in the kitchen too. It just works better for us.

So, that’s our kitchen! :)


11 thoughts on “Where All The (Culinary) Magic Happens!

  1. Very nice indeed! I’m glad you found a kitchen you like so well. About the spices — one of my siblings has a rotating spice rack. It’s rather like a column with angled holders all around it from bottom to top so that all you need to do is turn it around to find the right spice.

    If you could find something like that (or maybe someone you know could make one?), I think it would be handy for you since it would occupy a minimum amount of counter space but still give you quick and easy access to all your spices.

  2. jackie, we totally bought that ikea hanging spice rack (the one you like) and NEVER used it. it’s in our attic somewhere…we have the matching hanging pots, too. (they’re like little pots, the size of flower pots.) if i find them maybe one day i can get them to you :)

    • We had them in our first apartment in Richmond and they were perfect! Let me know if you find them and int he meantime I’ll figure out how to hang something in these stone walls. Thanks Amanda :)

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  4. Your kitchen looks gorgeous! When we were new home hunting a big kitchen was a must. I am very envious of your fridge though- we have an under counter one so am envious of the size of yours! Enjoy the kitchen :-)

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