Packed Away

Since moving Will and I have been trying to put everything in its place. Of course we’re still trying to figure out where those places are but Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?
One thing I knew I needed to figure out was my knitting/craft corner.

Yeah, it was a mess. I didn’t like the fact that my craft stuff was in a FedEx box so I thought of a way of fixing it but looking nice. This past Saturday we went charity shopping and found this precious thing and took it home for £3.50.

These old suitcases are everywhere and really trendy right now so I was excited to have a legitimately functional excuse to get one.
I put all of my construction paper, cards, envelopes, and postcards in the front pocket and everything else was packed away in the main part.

When my father-in-law came to visit her brought over a ton of yarn (!). I stuffed it all in the suitcase and put my current  projects at the top of my list in the knitting basket (basket? I don’t know what to call that thing).

And now, here’s my craft/knitting corner!

Now, this isn’t how it’s going to stay because eventually I want to move that all (minus the guitar and ukulele) to the nook in the kitchen…

Can you see it? A big comfy chair where I can sit and knit and type away on my manly typewriter! It’ll take a lot of charity shop hunting to find the perfect chair and cabinet for the space but we’ve got time.
So, yeah, that’s it.


4 thoughts on “Packed Away

    • OH, I LOVE using my typewriter! I address envelopes and postcards and have so many other projects I’m going to use it for! I saw the stacked-suitcases-as-a-side-table on Pinterest and I LOVE that idea too. If you do it take pictures!

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