O-Dubs & J-Dawg Sitting In A Tree…

Have you ever been around a friend that meets a guy and at first you’re like, “I give them 1 month.” And then you spend time with them and you change your bet to,”I give them forever”? Yeah, that’s James and Olivia for me. It’s true! I wanted to tell James “good luck” when I first met him. Not because he wasn’t awesome, because let me tell you, he is. But because Olivia just had her plans confirmed for moving to Kenya to teach at a school for two years. I mean, seriously, saying “I’m moving to Kenya for two years” on your first date is kinda like showing up in a wedding dress: both scream “RUN!” So, what chance did James have against Kenya? A pretty big chance!
Seeing how happy James makes Olivia makes me happy. I wasn’t sure if either one of them could see the effect they were having on the other but it was very obvious to all of us that saw them together. He makes her laugh, messes up her hair, challenges her in good ways, and has been a wonderful boyfriend to her. James has also been a great friend to Will; and if there’s a short cut to getting on my good side it’s being nice to my husband. Instant love for you if you’re nice to my man. So, James is in. Simple as that. He won all of us over. Kenya-what?
I can’t even say how much of an answer to prayer Olivia has been. We met back in October when I moved here. She was the first person to talk to me at P’s & G’s. And by “talk” I mean she actually had a conversation with me and seemed interested in me. She invited me to join her and her friends (“Em-J” and “Hazy-D”) to see Lianne La Havas and instantly we all connected! (Loch Lomond anyone?)
I worried that I wouldn’t make any friends here in Edinburgh but then God laughed and said, “Silly girl, do you not know who I am?” and he then proceeded to provide the best of friends here in just a measly 10 months! Touché God. Touché.


“Why did you do all of this for me?” he asked. “I don’t deserve it. I’ve never done anything for you.”
“You have been my friend,” replied Charlotte. “That in itself is a tremendous thing.”
– E.B. White, Charlotte’s Web


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