My My My Myyyy Minolta!

And now I got “My Sharona” in your head, right?        It could be worse.

Well, I do have a new Minolta and I know I alluded to it via Instagram a while back but I thought I’d blog about it now since I just got the film back from it. I picked this beauty up back in April at a charity shop one weekend for £40 (~$60) and it came with three lenses, and extender, and a case. Seriously, I made out like a fat rat in a cheese factory!

I think my favorite thing about a film camera is also my least favorite thing about it: the lack of instant gratification. I’m so used to taking the picture and knowing what it’s going to turn out like. With film I have to wait and pray that I measured everything right. This waiting game makes me think more carefully about what I want to capture and how I want to capture it. I also love how one roll of film can span several weeks or even months. It’s surprise trip down memory lane every time I develop a roll of film. This roll is from April to June! So, there’s some of Edinburgh, our trip to Northern Ireland with Gilly, some of Richmond, and some more of Edinburgh. So, here’s the roll. Completely unedited.

What do you think? How did they turn out?! Do any of you love-hate the wait that comes with using a film camera? I’m thinking it’s worth it.

My next roll is black and white… dun dun dunnnnnn!


9 thoughts on “My My My Myyyy Minolta!

  1. Lots of fun! I am working with a later-era Minolta (Maxxum 7000i) which I got for free second-hand a few years ago. I’ve just recently switched over to B&W and soon am stepping up to developing/scanning my own film, and eventually doing my own enlargements themselves.

    I love the delayed gratification that comes with working from film, but hate the feeling when I get a roll of 24 photos back and lots of them are soooo close to what I was going for but not quite there. I think that’s a blessing, though, because it forces one to become more deliberate and thoughtful in their photography.

    Cool photos – I especially like the Richmond skyline.

    • Thanks Rob! My thoughts exactly on being more intentional on how you take the picture. You can’t delete it so it needs to be perfect. I think about ISO, timing, lighting, Fstop, composition, e v e r y t h i n g. I hope you’re able to get to where you want to be soon. I’d love to develop my own film as well but space is a hot commodity here in the city (just like any other city) and so there’s no room… but hopefully one day :)

  2. Jackie–I used to have this EXACT same camera!!! I loved it! I absolutely adore the process of film–I mourn the loss of it all the time with my DSLR. Being in the darkroom and having taken so much time to process those images from start to finish (with so many opportunities to go wrong in between) and watching that image appear before your eyes so many steps down the road is one of my favorite things. I hope you enjoy this camera and all the adventures it will bring!

  3. I like the one of the ocean. Waiting for your film to get development makes it more fun. you never know what your are going to get.

    • Exactly! I always feel anxious at first and then I forget and then I get it developed and it’s like, months later and a wonderful reminder of fun times!

  4. FILM! I have a Contax and used to love taking photos with it until Graham got a DSLR and I was sucked into the ease of it… Maybe I’ll get back into again!

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