Yokei Na Osewa

This post is dedicated to our friends Kengo and Aya Akiyama. They’re from Japan and they’re absolutely wonderful! They recently packed up their stuff to spend a year exchange in Germany; but not before living in Paris for a month. I love them. Will and I both do. They’re so great and I miss them already. I’m going to miss all of the countless hours we’ve spent hanging out together. As a gift to them (and a service to me) I asked if I could do a couples photoshoot of them. Their one year anniversary was coming up and I thought they’d make great guinea pigs for me attempting to take my photography more serious. So, here’s a little taste of the pictures I took. If you want to see more check out my other site, Jacqueline Christine.

Oh, and for those of you who don’t speak Japanese, “yokei na osewa” means “none of your business.” It’s the one Japanese phrase that’s stuck with me.

Kengo and Aya,

      Don’t have too much fun in Germany without us! We miss you already.

Will and Jackie


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