Will and I loved being in London. We loved the architecture, the food, the neighborhoods, the museums, everything! We showed up the day after the Queen’s Jubilee so a lot of the decorations were still up. It was great walking around checking out the sites and trying out some of the restaurants. We saw, and did, so much: Big Ben, the Crown Jewels, Buckingham, Parliament, checked out a few museums, became very familiar with the trains, perused Notting Hill’s massive market, met up with some friends (both new and old), rode bikes around the city, and walked through a gazillion different neighborhoods. But out of all of that I would have to say that my favorite part of London was our last day. We ended up missing our 9a bus back to Edinburgh and had to wait 13 hours before the next one at 10p. So, we rolled our suitcases out to a nearby park and read. After 3+ weeks of go-go-go (camping in Scotland, being in Richmond, and now having just tried to see as much of London in four days as possible) it made for the perfect end to our travels. A solid chance to rest. And then we got on an overnighter to Edinburgh and rested some more (well, I did… I swear I get narcolepsy when I’m in a moving vehicle). I loved that day. I loved our whole trip. It was a wonderful way to celebrate three beautiful years of marriage to my most precious hunk of a man husband!


4 thoughts on “London

    • Yay! You can “visit” anytime ;) I loved being there and hope to be able to go back again and see even more. It’s a lovely city!

  1. Isn’t it great? Three places I highly recommend are the London Eye, Covent Garden and Harrods, if you haven’t been there already. I thought Harrods sold nothing but high-end luxury goods (such as their amazing food hall), but it turned out that it’s just like a regular department store in other sections. One hallway with escalators has an Egyptian theme and the handprints in concrete of the Al-Fayed children hidden behind a pillar. Hopefully, the handprints are still there since Mr. Al-Fayed sold his store to Qatar Holdings in 2010.

    • Oh fun! I’ll definitely make it a point to check those three places out the next time we’re in London. Thank you :)

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