Dinner Is Pinned

I’m going to take a quick minute to talk a little bit about two of my favorite things in the world: food and Pinterest. I’m not the best cook in the world (I don’t need to remind you of the potato battle of 2011, do I?) and that I’ve had a few struggles with the whole cooking/baking thing here in Edinburgh. I thought I was a pretty decent cook before but apparently box mac ‘n cheese doesn’t count when your husband has a more particular adult palate.
Another thing that’s added to this glorious growing process is planning our meals. I’m not a planner. Scratch that. I make plans, I just don’t stick to them. And when it comes to food it’s all about, “what are you in the mood for?” or “what or you feeling for dinner?” That’s been my approach to dinner for my entire adult life. That all had to stop when we moved here because we needed to be smart with our monies. So, I started to learn how to plan meals. Of course, I had to find those meals to make and learn how to make them and actually succeed in making them.
Enter Pinterest! This is what I’ve been pinning and making and eating and loving lately! Seriously,  l o v i n g .

I made this for dinner on Tuesday!

I’m obsessed with these for a midday snack. And they’re great as an on-the-go breakfast.

I topped some pasta with these bad boys last week.

These were great on our camping trip a couple of months ago and are a quick and flavorful snack throughout the day.

I’ll make this recipe but with a ton of different veggies (broccoli, mushrooms, carrots, leeks, etc.) as a side for our dinners.

I made these last night and Will inhaled them!

I just made this tonight. I can’t wait for leftovers!

I love love LOVE breakfast sandwiches and this is how I will make them for them rest of my life!

So, now I just check out Pinterest for some culinary inspiration during the weekend and plan our meals accordingly. I still struggle with sticking to a plan, but I’ve found it a bit easier when I’m excited about the food I’m making. The key for me has been to focus on establishing a few staples that are super easy but challenging myself to trying at least one new recipe within the week. Of course being a newbie means the “establishing staples” bit isn’t very easy but I’m getting there.
How about you? What kind of culinary hurdles have you overcome? And please share how!








4 thoughts on “Dinner Is Pinned

  1. yummmmmmmmmmmmmsies. a new rybolt thing that ben and i do is to pick out a fruit or veggie or food that one of us has never cooked or ate. last week it was spaghetti squash. i had no idea that you could use it instead of pasta! and i got to make homemade sauce, which i love to do. this week we did a similar thing, but ben sliced zucchini in skinny mini strips to act as the “pasta.”

    ive been wanting to try out fried chickpeas, so maybe ill tackle that next week…
    our culinary hurdle is ben being ok eating the exact same thing every day for a week and me being ok eating things straight out of the can (i.e. not cooking…). we compromised by cooking one big meal that we can eat for either lunch or dinner every day, and then being spontaneous in the other meals. we cook a lot of soups or rice and beans. most recent soup: butternut squash curry soup. YUMMMM.

    ok, enough about food, im going to eat dinner.

    • Yay! Mark Smith is over this week and I’m loving having his culinary skills around! Also, he’s insipred me and Will to try at least one recipe from our Dean and Deluca Cookbook a week… eeeek! I’m loving making large dishes (i.e. the tuna casserole and a lasagna) because we eat the leftovers for lunch (which saves us so much money – which is kinda the main goal right now!). Also, we’re semi-vegetarians too because meat is a bit pricey and we need more veggies in our diet.
      I love spaghetti squash! I’ve only had it once (Brian King made it for me) and it was de-lish. Fried chickpeas sound appetizing. I love the baked recipe I posted… tell me how the chickpeas turn out!

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