The Rest of Richmond

So, I don’t really have an organized way of doing this so I’m just going to dump all of the rest of our Richmond pictures on here.

Aaaaaaaaand let’s go!

So, first things first: we went to Target! Oh man I miss this place so much! And yes, that’s my boo and my father-in-law posing with pride. Real men take their wives (and daughters-in-law) to Target.

We had us some Mexican food.

Will and I checked a new cafe (well, new-to-us) called The Urban Farmhouse with the Walstons.

We went to this place…

…with these two! You know, I emailed  Lauryn out of the blue two years ago in hopes that she would be my friend. And she did! True story.

Have you ever had someone in your life that seems to be on a step that you want to be on but know that that step is way ahead of where your’e at currently? Meet John and Helen Hershman. John’s been my senior paster at WEAG for 20 years and Helen’s been his faithful and perfect partner in crime. I love the two of them so much and it’s been an honor to see how they live out their faith and convictions in everything they do.

I had breakfast with these two! Treyfield (the guy on the right who is properly known as “Trey”) has been a true friend to me. And I’m so glad to have Rob in my life now too! The minute I met Rob he’s done nothing but encourage me… and seeing as words of encouragement are my love language… well, I’m loved by them both and I love them too.

I saw my Short Stay Ladies! Oh how I miss them. No one understands a nurse better than another nurse. This group of ladies are the best coworkers any nurse could ever ask for. Hands down.

We visited with our Table Group. It was a surreal moment to look around and think, “Will and I are the last to board on that expanding-a-family train.” No pressure, right?

And to add to the “baby train pressure” there’s these two who are expecting their first in September!

Buzzy’s has the best atmosphere of all the cafe’s in Richmond. Fact.

On our last day we drove around Richmond and went to Legend’s Brewery for one last Richmond hangout.

Oh, hello gorgeous view of Richmond!

Of course there’s so many more people we saw and caught up with and places we went to and things we did but there were also a lot of things we missed and will continue to be missing while we’re here. Our trip to Richmond left me with mixed feelings. I felt at home. Naturally, I called it home for 24 years! It was easy to jump into meeting up with people and going to places and driving around. Having lived there I obviously envisioned myself always living there because it was all I knew. It’s a place where I could see Will and I settling there; it’s perfect for that. It’s perfect to start a family, to raise a family, to be a family. Hands down, Richmond is perfect for families.
But I also felt restless because of how easy everything there was. Something was stirring inside of me. Maybe it was my heart shrinking Richmond down a little bit to make room for another place to call home. Maybe I was missing Edinburgh and our life there. Or maybe it was that Will and I don’t want easy right now. We’re enjoying the hard work it’s taken, and will continue to take, to grow roots here.
Either way, our two weeks were up and we were off with full and heavy hearts…



4 thoughts on “The Rest of Richmond

  1. I completely agree with you about coming home to America and being so restless with how “easy” life is–I had the exact same reaction when I came home from abroad. You miss the challenges that you face everyday in a foreign country!

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