I love walking around Carytown. It’s cute, quirky, and colorful. It’s just absolutely precious. We spent nearly a whole day walking around Carytown. Now, it’ doesn’t take a whole day (seriously, all you need is 20 minutes and you can walk the whole thing) but seeing as we don’t have the luxury of convenience we took our time here.

Any place that sells breakfast all day hold a special place in my heart… and Galaxy diner is lodged in that special place. Right next to Waffle House!

I love The Byrd and it’s history and it’s $1.99 movies!

I stopped in Mongrel, my favorite store for buying cards and cute little knick knacks!

And **shocker alert** we went to a book store: Chop Suey Books!

When lunchtime came around our friend Ashton joined us for our favorite Thai restaurant.

Fun Kelly Fact: Mom’s Siam is where Will and I went on our first date. Will picked it not knowing it’s my favorite. Where did I find this guy!?!
Moving on… after lunch we went to Plan9 to do a little musical perusing.

Then we went to Capital Coffee and Desserts, one of my favorite cafe’s in Richmond.

Fun Jackie Fact: I used to work at Mom’s (Siam), that used to be right across the street from Capital and I would get to Carytown early just to chill in Capital Coffee & Desserts and savor a coconut macaroon.

Then, last but not least, I got some yarn!

Oh there’s so much more to see and I wish we had had more time. Carytown one of the many things I love about Richmond: it’s quintessentially Richmond.

To all of my Richmond readers, I know this post doesn’t do it any justice and these are just a few of my favorite spots, but what are some of yours?!


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