Will and I spent the better part of our last 2 years in Richmond serving WEAG‘s student ministry, Eighteen22. We both value the relationships made during our time there and hope they continue for a long time. This wonderful group of young adults are funny, bright, passionate about figuring out what following Christ with one’s entire self looks like, and full of serious talent (photographers, musicians, videographers, artists, etc…). This is one amazing clan of kids and I miss them. Leaving them made it just that much harder to leave Richmond. When we went back while in Richmond we were blown away at how large and how strong Eighteen22 had grown. We’re both very proud of Jeremy and Jamal (who took the reigns during the summer) and what they’ve done with it and where they want to take it. Eighteen22 is a force to be reckoned with! I can’t wait to see how God uses, not just the group, but the individuals, in this world!

Note: I’m playing around with some black and white editing. Thanks for the grace.


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