Church Hill

While in Richmond we, of course, went to Church Hill! Oh man we love this place so much! It’s where C.H.A.T. and Church Hill Academy and East End Fellowship are. It’s where our community is. Where our hearts lie.

We started our Church Hill visit with some church; and Pastor Don led the way!

Afterwards we went over to Adam and Katie‘s place to see Andy and Finley! Now, we had found out Katie was pregnant the summer before we left and were thrilled to bits. They are two people that you meet and think, “they’re going to make awesome parents.” But, it wasn’t an easy road for them. Surgery, hospitalization, and a lot of prayer was involved. But needless to say, our God is an awesome god and Andy and Finley came into this world with no sign of the struggle they went through. It was a real blessing to meet to two miracles we prayed so hard for.

 After that we met up with friends for some pizza and a good catching up. I don’t have the words to describe how good it felt to be with them.

The next day I had the luxury or exploring with Kat and Ally; and man, I love these two so so sooooo much!

Note: I have a few more Church Hill pics on my other blog. Check ’em out!

I got my baby-fix by getting to hold Imani’s new baby boy Khalil… oh good Lord he’s gorgeous and cute and precious and an absolute joy! I mean, seriously, look at that face!

Then we had a cookout! Good times were had!

And then we said goodbye.

Dear Church Hill,

     Thank you for being the best community Will and I could ask for. Thank you for loving us and supporting us and encouraging us and challenging us. Thank you for letting us do the same for you. No matter where we are we will always take you with us.

Will & Jackie


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