A Scottish Holiday: A Bothie and A Bath

After climbing Ben Nevis we had our 1st bothie experience. We had a short 30 minute hike… yes, because hiking for 7 hours wasn’t enough… but it was worth it. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the hike because, well, I was too tired.

Yep, we started up a fire and sat by it while drinking more whisky (this trip may, or may not, have turned me into a proper Scot) and taking in what we had all accomplished mere hours ago. And then we slept.

The next day included relaxing and heading out to our second and final bothie of the trip: Glenfeshie. This bothie was absolutely beautiful and serene and perfect and everything you’d want in a bothie! Now, Gilly said it was a 45-60 minute hike and in “Gilly terms” that means it took us two hours! He claims that’s how long it took last time he went but seeing as he’s a robot it means he probably ran the whole way. So, two hours later we arrived, set up camp, cooked up way too many lentils, crashed, and then woke up to Scottish bliss!

And of course there was a stream where we got our water. Yes, we drank water form the highlands… seriously, I’m a Scot now!

After breakfast we headed out back to the car.

Once we we arrived at the car we changed packed up the car and were on our way home. But then we came to a bridge over a river that looked too tempting for Will and Gilly to pass by. So, they jumped in.

And then jumped right out.

Needless to say that highland streams are cold streams… but that didn’t stop them from going in again.

So, that was our Scottish holiday! I can’t wait for the next one!


9 thoughts on “A Scottish Holiday: A Bothie and A Bath

  1. Man. After seeing your pictures, I want to become a scott too! A black scot, but a scot none the less lol. Besides, I drink enough whisky to qualify I hope.

    I like the photos a lot. I’m no photographer, but they look pretty professional to me

    • Thank you! I think the pictures are beautiful because of the subject… I had nothing to do with it. I literally just point and shoot when it comes to Scotland :)

      • Hey then. Give a shout out to the rolling hills of Scotland. I regret not going. I was right there in Ormskirk, England and never went (but then again, i didn’t go to London either :P )

  2. Fun! Love the pictures and slightly jealous!! We head up to the mountains for our first backpacking adventure of 2012 tomorrow….

    Love that you get these experiences, Jackie, and love that I get to see some of it. :)

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