A Scottish Holiday: Ben Nevis

Day two was a big day for us. On this day we conquered the tallest peak in all of the UK: Ben Nevis. It took us 4,409ft above sea level and close to seven hours to climb up and back. But I think it’s one of my favorite parts of the whole trip. The only other peak I’ve climbed was in Colorado with the Beens back in September, and that was just a little over 1,000ft (but with it being in Colorado, it started at 8,930ft and ended at 10,000ft). I wanted another notch on my belt.
We slept in a bit and headed east to Fort William to start the ascent… and the pain.

Yes, that was a picture looking down onto a cloud… DOWN! We were literally “up in the clouds”! And then we were in snow.

Now, I’ve experienced few things more disheartening than a false summit. Why disheartening? Well, we had just come to what we thought was the summit until we went around one “last” bend and saw even more! Good lord how much longer?! We couldn’t even see the top! We were exhausted and hurting and sweaty and our lungs and legs were burning. I may have cried a little bit.

Note: When I say “we”, I mean “me and Will”. I’ve come to the angering conclusion that Gilly is a robot and therefore felt no pain or fatigue. He practically skipped up the whole thing. So, Will and I were exhausted. Gilly was not. Jerk.

Second Note: Will was exhausted because I made him carry everything. Literally, he carried a pack for two and I carried nothing.

Third Note: I have the best husband in the world and I’m a pansy.

But, we made it and celebrated with whiskey and a photo shoot!

Then we headed back down.


And that was Ben Nevis! Good times!


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