A Scottish Holiday: Iona

Before we headed back to RVA Will, Gilly, and I set out to explore some of Scotland’s countryside. We packed ourselves into Gilly’s car to head northwest to Oban where we camped out on a friend’s brother’s front lawn. Our first morning we headed out to the ferry to get to Mull, to then take a bus to another ferry to then get us to our final destination… Iona! 

Three hours later we landed on Iona soil… and so had the rain. We ducked into every little shop we could until the rain finally let up and eventually stopped; allowing us to dry off some and really explore!

I couldn’t believe Scotland had white sands and clear blue water! So, we did a photo shoot to document our disbelief.

Yes, I know, we’re pretty cool.
And yes, I did get bangs (aka: fringe) the day before camping… hindsight is 20/20.
So, after documenting our awesomeness we headed back to the ferry. But, it was on this hike back is where Gilly proved himself useful to have around. Now, I’m loving living in a country where there are sheep everywhere. And by “everywhere” I mean,  E V E R Y W H E R E !!!! And I absolutely love it! Unfortunately Will and Gilly don’t share in this love, especially when I yell out “sheep!” every time I see one: every time. So, Gilly, in all his sheep-prowness literally snapped a baby lamb up so I could hold it!! Yes, I held a baby lamb! Check that one off of the bucket list!

Yes, it really happened! And now whenever I see a sheep or lamb I just sigh and reminisce <sigh>

The rest of the day was spent headed back to Oban, making dinner, and sleeping. It had been a long day but the next day was going to be longer… 5,000ft and 7hrs longer…


4 thoughts on “A Scottish Holiday: Iona

  1. Aw! Such good times! I spent two weeks in Oban, and got to stay in Mull and Iona while I was there. Such a lovely place! Oh my goodness, just realized that was two years ago today. Wow, what a coincidence. If you ever get a chance to stay at Seaview Bed & Breakfast, do! My friend’s parents run it and they are absolutely amazing.

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