Our Life In Edinburgh

Will and I are headed back to The States for two weeks. We’ve both been here for a pretty good chunk of time now (Will for 9 months and me for 7) and were talking about the different things we’ve had to get used to as well as the things that we’ve loved getting used to!

Tea. I drink tea all of the time and love the millions of options!

And the cafe’s! There are so many!

 The weather: sometimes sunny…

sometimes most of the time rainy…

… a lot of the time windy…

… and all of the time cloudy.

It’s so beautiful here. And there are flowers everywhere.


We love not having a car. The bus system here is on-point!

But we mainly walk everywhere.

We love stopping into bookshops (we live by 5!)

And going to the markets.

We live just 3 blocks from The Meadows and go there as often as we can (weather-permitting).

I cook a lot more here… and I think I’m actually getting pretty good at it.

But, what Will and I have loved the most about life here in Edinburgh are our friends! Whether it’s watching rugby at a pub, sharing tapas, going on adventures, crowding around a too-small table in someone’s living room, playing games, going on bike rides, going for drinks, hiking, or just hanging out, it’s always a good time here in Edinburgh with them!

Photo Cred: Kurtis Peters

We’ll see you in two weeks, Edinburgh!

We’ll miss you.


4 thoughts on “Our Life In Edinburgh

  1. Love the pictures. I’m so glad God answered your prayers and provided a community of friends for you. They will be friends for life, I’m sure!

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