The next two days were spent, in what I have so aptly named, “Gillyville”. We spent most of Saturday in the Gilmour cottage on the North coast and then left that evening to spend the night in Cookstown where Gilly grew up.
Let me start with the cottage. Now, I realize that I currently live in the mecca of cottages so I’ll probably say this a billion more times while I’m here but I have found my dream cottage! I know I’ve said this before but this time I really mean it. The Gilmour cottage: my current dream cottage.

It even comes with Peacocks!

So, now you see why it’s my current dream cottage, right?! Gorgeous!

Note: If any of you would like to go see this dream cottage for yourselves, check out this website for some information on how to make your dreams come true!

After eating a quick lunch at the cottage the boys and I set out for some exploring.

Of course, we had a photoshoot on the beach… what better way is there to document our time together?!

Oh, good times! Ok, now to the serious stuff… the exploring.

I love these two so much!

After exploring we headed back to the cottage to head over to Gilly’s parents’ house in Cookstown. While driving there Chris told us that one of the ponies (yes, I said “ponies”!) just gave birth to a foal and another one was pregnant. Yes, you heard me right, not only was I being told I was going to see ponies, BUT I was also going to see a BABY PONY!!! The Lord is good people.

Family members and friends came from out of town to hear Gilly speak and so after church there was a huge potluck lunch. And then a huge food coma. But not before seeing the ponies again!

And here’s the newest addition to the Kelly’s camera clan! She was only £40 and came with 3 lenses! I heart her!

After the lunch and the ponies and taking out the minolta for a “test drive” we went back inside and all gathered ’round the fire to share some wine and stories.  

It was such a wonderful weekend. It really was. Will and I love Gilly so much and absolutely loved getting to know his family and a little bit more of his life growing up. We were honored to have had that time with him and his family.

If any of the Gimours are reading this… from the bottom of our hearts we appreciate and love you. Thank you for your hospitality and your kindness. It’s easy to see why Gilly is such a wonderful person; it’s because he’s been surrounded by wonderful people! We can’t say it enough, thank you.
Will and Jackie Kelly


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