As of February this year I’ve become a “stitch’n bitch“. My friend, and sensei, Erin taught me how and at the perfect time. I was getting so restless in February and was feeling desperate for something productive to do… keyword: productive. So, I figured I would share with all of you my new favorite hobby!

Here’s my little knitting corner. I picked up most of my needles at charity shops (I think I bought 4 of those sets of needles for £4 and that precious little caddy for it all for £0.50!).

Now, it was pretty full when I took the picture, but since then (1 week ago) I’ve bought 5 more skeins of wool… yeah, I’m addicted.

So here are some of my creations! A ribbed snood (snood = eternity scarf/cowl).

A basketweave scarf.

A warm slouchy hat.

And one of my ongoing projects is my blanket! I’m expecting this to take me a year or so because it’s my secondary project and I want it to be a large blanket I can wrap around myself. So, my plan is to knit a bunch of different patches, made up of as many different patterns as possible, and then sew them all together… like a quilt!

 My current primary project is this “burberry-ish” cowl by The Garter Girl.

The Garter Girl

If you’re a fellow knitter, you can check out  these  three  sites  I’ve found. And youtube is pretty much my bff.
Are there any sites you guys use for inspiration or help?


9 thoughts on “K1P1

      • You’ve given me an idea, though. I could probably accomplish something similar. I already keep all my projects in ziplocks or project bags, so I would just need to make sure everything was covered.

  1. I have been wanting to get into knitting lately as well!! How do I start? I’ve read the Patterns and stuff online, but I don’t know any of the stitching “lingo”. What are your suggestions? Also, LOVE THE CREATIONS!

    • I had a friend show me the beginning and I youtube e v e r y t h i n g !! I’m such a visual person I have to see what I’m trying to learn.

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