A week and a half ago Leney was in town!

Leney and I met a little over a year ago during the Eighteen22 retreat. When I heard she was going to be in the UK we made last minute plans for her to come here. She arrived Thursday evening and left Saturday morning. Needless to say, Friday I put my game face on (read: perfect host face)!

I decided the first thing she needed to do was experience and Scottish breakfast. So, she did… or at least one bite of it and that’s all she wanted. Then we were off to my favorite yarn store, McAree Brothers! I’d like to say I’m a decisive person, but I can’t. At least not for myself. I can make decisions for other people quite easily, but it stops there. And apparently it does for Leney as well. So, we both enjoyed our indecisive selves for the better part of an hour as we went from skein to skein trying to figure out which colors we liked the best and what we would use them for and whether or not we could afford them and whether or not we considered this a “splurge” moment. You know, that whole process of justifying getting something you ultimately don’t need. Good times.

Then it was my favorite part of my planned day, the cafe! My favorite cafe… Henderson’s at St. John’s! I love this place and could sit there for hours every day! It’s minutes from our flat, has free wifi, has a delicious vegetarian menu (we had given up meat for Lent and have tried to keep that habit going), has local art decorating the stone walls, and the staff are sooooo nice! What more could I ask for? Well, a few things, but that’s neither here nor there.

 It was great just to be able to sit and chat with a friend and catch up. Of course the whole day was full of catching up, but it’s best when done over a cup of tea in a cozy cafe, right?! So, after a bit we decided to make a quick trip to Calton Hill. I love this hill so much because it allows you to see both Arthur’s seat AND the castle. You also get a panoramic view of the firth, the pentlands, Princes Street, and anywhere else in Edinburgh you wanna scope out. I love this view! Have I mentioned that enough?

After Calton Hill we walked back to the flat where we went to Villager for dinner and then crashed. The next morning we went to the Farmer’s market to pick up some pork shoulder for Easter brunch and then said our goodbye’s.
I loved loved LOVED having Leney here; even if it was for just 1 day. A fellow knitter (check out her Etsy store here), a fellow Richmond-er,  and a fellow budding photographer! I love you Leney!

To all of my non-Edinburgh friends: I miss you and I love playing host so come over! Please?!

If you’d like to know Leney’s accounts of our day you can read it here.

Also, I’d like to take a quick moment to give a shout out to my wonderful husband who loves hosting as much as I do:

Will, thank you for being just as concerned as I was making sure Leney would be comfortable in our home. Thank you for making me take her to Calton Hill even though I was feeling lazy. Thank you for chatting with Leney while I made dinner. Thank you for taking care of the dishes so Leney and I could catch up and knit by the fire. Thank you for re-telling my stories accurately so Leney wouldn’t have to pretend like she understood what I was talking about (I’m the worst storyteller/explainer of things ever). And thank you for being absolutely wonderful!
I love you Will!


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