Loch Long: Girls Gone Gangsta

So, to end our glorious time at Loch Long we decided to do a photo shoot… and you all know how much I love a good photo shoot, right? Yeah, a lot. So, the beginning theme was inspired by our hoodies and Daisy thought it would be fun to “get all gangsta”. And well, right, just see for yourselves…

I’d like to point something out. In all of our “gangtsa” pictures, Emma consistently looks like she’s posing for a 1997 Gap ad. Then there’s Olivia who just looks bored. And I should stick with being *behind* the camera. Moving on.

And in true “gangsta fashion”… we took it outside… because what gangsta doesn’t love a good jumping photo shoot? Word.

Oh how I love these women! I absolutely love them!


One thought on “Loch Long: Girls Gone Gangsta

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