North Berwick

Two weeks ago Will and I hopped on a train to North Berwick, a coastal town, and spent the day there. We had heard nothing but good things about it so we were looking forward to our trip.

When we arrived the tide was low and the so was the fog. You could barely see the town.

We walked along the beach and dipped our toes into the North Sea.

For lunch we went a pub that was playing the Celtics v Rangers game. It was chock full of Rangers fan, so, needless to say, we were Rangers fans for the remainder of the game. Everyone was cheering, screaming, laughing, and just having a grande ole time! It was a good lunch. Even when Will spilled his beer on my new trousers…

After all of the walking we did we were both tired and ready to go to bed. Isn’t he precious!?!

We both loved going to North Berwick! I love being on the water and it was great walking along the beach. Everyone and their dog came out to the beach to enjoy the sun. Seriously, I think every other person we walked by had a dog. It made my desire for a puppy just that much stronger… ugh! Some day. Anyway, like I said, we loved it and want to go back again. It was only £13 return for the both of us (around $21) so we’ll be going back.


4 thoughts on “North Berwick

  1. I adore the second photo. It’s really great. And I love that you call your pants “trousers.” Gosh, I miss seeing you guys around. Love and hugs to you both!

    • Well, that’s mainly because “pants” here is like saying “underpants” or “knickers”. So, yeah, trousers it is. You’ll see us soon!

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