Hello James McAvoy

As I was walking home through Grassmarket taking some pictures I noticed a large crowd forming. I saw some cameras and thought it was a news crew or something small like that. Then I heard a girl on her phone say, “yeah, guess where I am and guess what’s happening right…” and then she walked away and I couldn’t hear the rest. But, needless to say, my interest was piqued and I figured maybe something cool was happening. And, well, something cool WAS happening… a movie scene was being filmed right infront of me!

And guess who’s in it… James McAvoy!

Yes, I instantly became some sort of paparazzi and snapped away. You would have too. I thought about going up to him to ask for a picture together but he was in the middle of eating and the food they were passing out smelled really good and it reminded me of why I was on my way home, which was to eat something and immediately my stomach overpowered my brain and got me walking home with no autograph and no picture with James. Oh well, c’est la vive. We’ll always have “X-Men: First Class”.
Once I got home and ate I looked up what film they could be filming and it’s “Filth”. It’s based off of the novel by Irvine Welsh.
Oh, did you know that James is Scottish? Yep, born and raised it Glasgow. Just a 50 minute train west of Edinburgh.
Have any of you had any celebrity sightings?


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