Make-up Book

This one took a while for me to, not only do, but to get started on it and to post about it. This started back in November and I finished it when we got back form Paris… So, basically I started this project in 2011 and didn’t finish it until 2012. Right, so anyway, I got the idea from Photography Chronicles and thought since I needed something to put my make-up in I thought this would be a good thing to test out. And, we live by four used book stores all within the same block. It’s not like finding a book for the project was going to be difficult. So, I found one, followed the instructions, hacked away, mod podged, and voilà I have a new place to put my make up!

It works perfectly for what I need it to do! I love it. Ever since moving here I’ve been big into crafting (it saves money and gives me something to do with my time) and Pinterest only feeds the hunger for more. I’ve recently learned to knit and I’m obsessed. Any of you into crafting too or finish any crafts recently?!


8 thoughts on “Make-up Book

      • I know! It was frustrating after a while, always making sure it’s straight or something, but at least my book was thin, yours is bigger! I should try a big one too one day, I’d put my guitar stuff in it :)

      • Go for it! Even if you don’t always use it for your guitar stuff you’ll always have a neat little place to put things.

      • I’ll wait until I get settled wherever I’ll go next. I’m leaving Romania, probably sometime during May, not sure about the destination yet. I’m trying to avoid Paris, I’ve spent almost 20years there and I need something new!

      • Well, if you ever come to the UK you and I can go on photographic excursions and you’ll have a jam buddy in my husband… he’s dying to have someone to play the guitar with. Hahaha! Like it’s that easy. Either way, I hope the path is made clear to you :)

      • It would be a pleasure! Especially since I’ve been searching for someone to play with here but don’t have any friends in Romania anymore to be frank. Sooo… I’ve been looking for a job in the UK too but nothing yet :p

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