During the Student Weekend Away we had some free time to explore the lovely little town of Moffat. It was the first time Will and I travelled outside of Edinburgh, within the Scotland borders, and it was beautiful! The drive alone took my breath away.

While exploring Moffat, we were told we had to check out the Toffee Shop.

Adorable right?! And the toffee was delicious! My favorite was a “Death by White Chocolate” truffle. De-lish!

Moffat was so cute and precious and perfectly nestled in the lowlands. I’d love to go hiking the next time we’re there. Maybe next year’s Student Weekend Away??

Oh, I did find my dream home… or, well, at least what I want my dream home to look like!

It’s the perfect size!


5 thoughts on “Moffat

    • I know! Doesn’t it! I love it! Imagine it filled to the brim with 4-6 kids, 2 big dogs, and the smell of something cooking or baking… wonderful!

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