Student Weekend Away

A couple of weekends ago Will and I had the privilege of going on P’s and G’s’ Student Weekend Away… their college ministry’s annual retreat. Now, I loooooooooove retreats! I think they’re necessary and can be a great opportunity to clear your head and heart if done right and let me tell you that Emma (the brains, beauty, and braun behind this retreat) did it right!

We went to the lovely little town of Moffatt just 2 hours south east of Edinburgh and stayed in a huge house with, like, a million rooms.

We had a few worship sessions, Will, Emma, and Vanessa spoke a bit. There were discussions, conversations, fusbol, food, wine, and murder mystery dinner! What more could you want in a retreat?! Nothing, I tell you. Absolutely nothing.

I had such a great time on this retreat. At first I was pretty nervous. I mean, Will and I just left Eighteen22, WEAG’s college ministry, and we really missed being a part of that community. So on one hand I’m trying not to compare the two and on the other I’m just hoping they’ll like me.
I’d say this was one of the best retreats I had ever been on. There was no hype or no emo worship forcing you to “feel” God’s presence. There weren’t back to back 2 hour teaching sessions or 5 activities to go to during a 2 hour break. It was truly a retreat. I slept, ate, sang, prayed, and I met God on this retreat. It was a wonderful weekend!


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