Christmas DIY: Candle Holders

When Will and I were packing for our move here we brought the bare minimum for Christmas gear. I think I packed away our top 10 ornaments. I was thinking that we would get a small tree and that would be the end of that. Wrong. The trees here are expensive and we would want lights and then I would go Christmas crazy on Will and need singing Santas with strobe light reindeer. Not happening.

So, I got all DIY and scoured Pinterest for quick and easy craft stuff to decorate for Christmas. Now, I’m also not that crafty so I had to be realistic and realize I wasn’t going to be making paper flowers and origami trees. When I saw this post on my good friend Lauryn Galloway’s blog I was like, “I think I can do that.” So I did. Of course I made some modifications because it wasn’t a wedding favor but it still happened.

Note: I made the sweet and spicy walnut recipe Lauryn filled the jars with and they’re DE-lish!

So, I got my supplies (which included Will buying beer – he loved it!).

Then I hot glued the end of the yarn to the bottle and then began wrapping.

I wrapped and wrapped (like a gangsta) until I reached my end point and secured it with hot glue and snipped the excess.

Now, unlike Lauryn’s I didn’t want the yarn to make a bow, I wanted gold ribbon for a pop of color.

I used beer bottles (these short ones are called “stubbies”) because I wanted to use them as candle holders!

They’re sitting on our mantle (I love having a mantle) and go great with the rest of our DIY decor…



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