Thanksgiving… Expat style! (Part 2)

This is going to be a lot shorter than the last Thanksgiving post because, well, I didn’t really take any pictures. I took 1. Seriously, I was so consumed with the food and by the time I remembered that I should take some pictures to document I was entering into my food coma. Then, I woke up from said coma and got a quick group shot before one of the couples left.

But, it’s still worth blogging about because it’s Thanksgiving! After showing San around the town some we came back home and I made some homemade mac ‘n cheese and chocolate chip cookies (homemade as well) and then we taxi’d ourselves on over to the French’s flat where 2 more couples were joining us. Most of us there were American and all of us were appreciative of coming together in a spirit of thankfulness. The food was delicious (again, I’m sorry for no pictures – my stomach took over my brain) and so was the conversation. I met more of Will’s fellow post grad peeps and their significant others and San was there to join in on the fun!

I think the best part is this group shot I got real quickly. It’s the most awkward and awesome picture ever!

Left to right
Top row: Will, Sarah, Steven, Erin, Rob.
Bottom row: me, Santos, Kurtis, Aiden (the little girl), Cassie

This evening added to our best Thanksgiving ever! Everyone is so nice here and inclusive. The French’s have been such wonderful friends to us and I am so grateful for them (the couple on the far right with the baby). We spend several hours a week with them and it’s still not enough! God has blessed us with good people and this Thanksgiving He brought more good people into our lives. We are blessed and I can’t help but give thanks everyday!


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