Call me biased and partial but I think the best food in the whole world is Puerto Rican food. It could be because I’m Puerto Rican but seriously, it’s the best! Now, the secret to Puerto Rican cooking is sofrito. You can buy it in the store or you can make it yourself. Both are super easy but only one is actually good (I’ll give you three guesses as to which is which and the 1st two don’t count).

To do this at home is super easy. The list of ingredients are as follows: green peppers, lots of cilantro, LOTS of garlic, red pepers, onions. The difficult part is finding your own personal mix of the ingredients. Some people like more of one and less of another. It’s all up to you. But, once you’ve got it you’ve got the best blend of spices a person could ask for.

Just gather up your ingredients, chop them up however you like (I prefer the food processor), and then combine all of the ingredients and there’s your sofrito!

My mom has this trick where she’ll put the sofrito in ice cube trays and stick it all in the freezer. It’s a great way to measure out how much you like to put in. For example, I know that with my ice trays I like 2 cubes for every can of beans I’m making.

So, there you go! Have fun with it and buen provecho!




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