Thanksgiving… Expat style! (Part 1)

Last night was mine and Will’s very first Thanksgiving in another country apart from our families and it was great! Well, let me expand on that. We had a great day.

I joined Will for lunch at school where we had left over rice and beans (de-lish!) and a fresh baguette. All that was missing was a couple of cold maltas.

Then I walked and walked and walked errywhere (not a typo) to find chili powder and pumpkin puree. Then, we had our great friend “Gilly” come over (we just can’t get enough of this guy!) to celebrate with us. I had made chili and potato skins and even combined the two to make “chili-potato skins”! They were DE-LISH! All of this was done while watching some good ‘ole American football! I loved having the game in the background! It made it feel more like home.

Then, after some we felt like we had digested enough we went for dessert: homemade cinnamon rolls!

And, then came the “family portrait”. I love this part!

When the three of us said what we were thankful for it was clear that all three of us are thankful for the opportunities  that God has placed in our lives. “Gilly” is interning at P’s and G’s (our church) and loving the things God has put before him. Will and I love that He brought us to Edinburgh and is allowing us a time to be our own family unit. All of us are excited for the things God is doing in our lives and know that He’s molding us to be more like the people He wants us to be. This isn’t always an easy process but it’s much needed. Nothing but good things are happening here!

All in all it was a wonderful day! I love my families so much and am grateful for the Thanksgivings I’ve had with them but this one will always go down in the books as my favorite! It’s the first one of just me and will (and Andrew). Will and I got to figure out our own family traditions and not have to split our time between our parents’ traditions. So far, I love our traditions! Food, fellowship, and football! I don’t think it get’s any better than that, right?

What are some of your family’s traditions?


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