lianne la havas

late last week i, and a couple of other girls from church, went to check out lianne la havas play at the pleasance theater.

it. was. amazing!

she gave such a great performance and really had me dig’n what she was singing. what made her performance great, to me, was the transparency and intimacy she brought to the stage. we’re all strangers in that room and she brought a comfort and casualness that made us all feel like chums. she giggled at herself, she drank whiskey out of a clear plastic cup, and she chatted with us like she was debuting her songs for her closest friends hoping we’d approve of, and validate, her hard work.

well, i approve! click here to go to her site and check her out! my favorite song is “age”.

oh, and it turns out she’ll be going on tour with bon iver! perfect!


One thought on “lianne la havas

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