the pentlands

ok, so saturday was an AH-MAYZING day!! seriously, my breath was taken from me from all of the beautiful sights we saw. saturday morning, after getting our groceries delivered to our door (i love this country!), will and i walked to the bus stop to meet our friend andrew “gilly” gilmour at his place. he then drove us (by faith) to a car park (car park = parking lot). we got a little lost and didn’t really end up where we had hoped to but it didn’t matter because we’re all awesome people and awesome people make do with what they have. so, on we trekked!

once we got to the top of one of the hills we stopped, caught our breath, and then lost it again when we looked around! seriously, my pictures don’t do them any justice! it was absolutely gorgeous! we then set up camp, well, we laid down a tarp to eat lunch, have some beers, get as close to the sheep as possible, struggle with the map (poor andrew), and, of course, have ourselves a photoshoot!

after our “pentland photoshoot” andrew was kind enough, and apparently talented enough, to take some pictures of me and will for our christmas cards we’re going to send out. of course i’m not one to spoil it for you so here are the outtakes.

OMG i look so crazy here!

soon after we needed to start moving again.

of course, on the way back we got a bit confused. we ended up coming up to a ravine gilly thought was “crossable.” yeah, note to self: don’t follow gilly.

all in all it was a fantastic day! gilly is a great friend to whom will and i are eternally grateful for. he set will up with a flat to stay at (that he ended up staying in for 6 weeks!) and took will around the city and introduced him to people. he was there for my husband in a way i couldn’t be because i was back in richmond. we are blessed to call him our friend!


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