date night!

this past friday will and i had our first date night here in scotland. we walked a few blocks to a thai restaurant who’s electricity went out just as we walked up to the front door. no joke, we stepped onto the sidewalk and then everything went dark! luckily, the kitchen runs on gas so we were still able to order our food and get it. but our pictures came out a bit dark and when i used the flash it had some weird haze that the iphone flash does. i don’t know… i hate using the flash on the iphone.

after dinner (which, by the way, the lights came on as we were paying the bill) we walked some more to cineworld! it’s this massive building in haymarket with a bowling alley, arcade, and cinema. will had got the movie times ahead of time to see when “immortals” would be playing. now, this may not seem like the best movie date movie but rest assured, my husband did good! i love love LOVE action movies. especially ones that include greek mythology or mythical creatures of any sort and as well as action movies with martial arts in them. he also made sure it was in 3d too! i have the coolest husband EVER! now, i will also mention that this is a huge sacrifice on his part because he doesn’t really enjoy these types of movies but he “suffered” though it for me :) i love him so much. a bonus was the candy bar. they had tons of different candies to choose from; a number of them being chewy candies: will’s favorite!

the movie was SOOOOO GOOD!!! i loved it! and, to top it all off it was raining! we walked home in my first edinburgh rain. i know, i had been here for 2 and a half weeks and hadn’t had a rain yet. crazy, eh? so, yeah, we walked home, in the rain, smiling the whole way!
it was a wonderful night with a wonderful man!

will, thank you for making me feel even more special than this special city we’re in!

i love you!


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