potatoes 1 : jackie 1

my constant struggle since being here has been my cooking. as in it not meeting will’s standard. last night i attempted to make a shepherd’s pie. it has all of will’s favorites there. meat, potatoes, and veggies. it was a surefire hit, right? wrong. i couldn’t get the gas oven to work <insert expletive here> and i undercooked the potatoes. so, needless to say it sucked. well, the pie part was good but not the potatoes; and not being able to bake it made it less than desirable. i think it tasted good but it’s not up to me. it’s up to will and he wasn’t happy with it. so, in the trash it went. along with my confidence.

well, that was until 1hr ago.

this morning i decided to show those potatoes who’s boss: me. i got in that kitchen and i boiled water and i lef them in there a good long time. in the end i dominated. seriously, those potatoes didn’t know what hit them. my masher, that’s what hit them. over and over again. i buttered. i salted. i mashed. i conquered.

of course, there’s no one here to enjoy them but me, but you best believe i documented my victory. fo. real.


3 thoughts on “potatoes 1 : jackie 1

    • thanks dad! it’s been a real adjustment trying to learn everything but atleast today i mastered the potatoes! and i mastered mexican night tonight as well :)

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