this past weekend was wonderful. saturday i tried black pudding at the standing order in new town for the first time… it was, ok. i didn’t gag or choke so i consider it a success. this, is mostly a scottish breakfast: a fried/poached egg, beans, lorne sausage, or a “square slice” as the locals say, black pudding, a tomato, back bacon (which is pretty much ham), and potatoe bread. all that’s really missing is the haggis. it seems like the traditional breakfast is so hearty but that’s because it was designed to fuel laborers going out into the fields. i think if i ate this in the mornings i’d be in a food coma. fast.

we walked around afterwards but princes street and george street all have higher end stores and more crowds so we didn’t mill around for long: but not before stopping in anthropologie – my alma mater. oh, i love all of their stores!

i spotted my dream car!

yes, i know i had one in the states but i want an original. anyway, then we walked into a waterstone’s which is like a barnes & noble. they even serve starbucks.

we walked the long way around to stop by the farmer’s market. it was neat to see different vendors from last week. we, of course, had to try to the scotch and whiskey vendor… maybe we’ll go back this saturday to take some home with us?

i didn’t take too many pictures at the farmer’s market because i just had my phone camera. i want to go back with my nicer camera. so, that was our saturday stroll. sunday we strolled on over to the east side and it was gorgeous! a young family, originally from idaho, invited us over to their flat after church for some tea and mince pies. they live on the east side of holyrood, about 30 minutes out. the closer you get to the firth (scottish for coastal waters) the more charming and quaint it gets. i need to go back to explore. but not in heels.

we also got some confirmation that we should stick with “p’s and g’s” as our home church here! we’re excited about that and looking forward to how God will use us there. we’ve already joined the christmas choir and that’s going to interesting… especially not knowing any of the carols.


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