a man’s sport

i watched my very first rugby match yesterday and OH MY GOD! i think i got an ulcer watching the game. we had to call the ambulance for one of the injuries… the guy dislocated his shoulder. among that was a torn knee ligament, concussion to the head that required stitches, a sprained ankle, and lots of bruises. seriously, it was rough out there. it got to the point where i started yelling out “be careful!” instead of cheering them on. ugh, i was nervous.

but i will say it was good to learn to watch and see how it’s played. especially, considering it’s one of the most popular sports in the whole uk: second to soccer. and, i’ll admit, i did enjoy myself and i know will enjoyed himself too. the boys all loved me cheering them on. they’d never had a “cheering section” before so i know they appreciated the support; even if they were getting their asses handed to them by the other team. but you know, go team!

this guy *thinks* he’s going to get by “gilly” and dave…

yeah, he thought wrong… BAM!!

and here they are at the end of the game cheering for each other. the losing team (the prophets) create a tunnel first and then the winning team (the engineers) go through it to create a tunnel of their own for the other team so they get one too! and they actually cheered “hip hip hooray!”. so cute!

i know they were all tired afterwards but still managed to appease me by posing for a team picture. thanks guys!


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