the wedding we’ve all been waiting for

yes, it sounds dramatic but seriously, this is why i stayed behind. this is the reason my husband and i spent seven weeks on separate continents. in my head i knew that as soon as i got through this wedding then i’d be leaving for scotland.

so, here’s how it all went down – via the iphone.

it all started wednesday with mani/pedi’s. we met at the royal nail spa in westbury. now, this place was great! i wish i had learned about this sooner but no worries because i got the shellac nail polish and so the royal nail salon will be in my heart, or atleast on my nails, for 14 days.


yes, that was some bubbly: we had mimosas! then we had a large break and came back for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. the only picture i have of that was the octaves from the university or richmond singing for us. they were so good! i was impressed. it was a good time. i felt like i was able to connect with the other bridesmaids and i enjoyed that a lot. i was really nervous about this part because i didn’t know any of them and i wasn’t sure if i would be like and outsider but the girls, bethany, ashley, shauna, and ashley, all welcomed me and were so nice and inclusive! i had a great time being a bridesmaid with them!

the next morning was the wedding day!!!!!!! it started with ally’s godmother hosting breakfast at can can in cary town; two blocks down from where we were getting our hair and make up done.

then we went to hair and make up at ceco . it was kind of a huge cluster but everything got done. i think my stylist is a hair genius but she may have confused my head with a pin cushion (my hair did stay up all night long). then it was time to head on over to king family vineyards… one of the most beautiful wedding venues ever! all of us ladies put on the finishing touches and we got the party started! it was a beautiful wedding!

there was a “rybolt spotting”!!

oh how i’ve missed her!

i love sparklers!

 and there you have it! the wedding we’ve all been waiting for! i had  such a great time. i enjoyed feeling like one of the girls among ally’s closest friends from college. i gave a speech at the rehearsal dinner that i did not cry through AND i made people laugh. i got to put my dancing shoes on. i fell in love with both ally and dan’s families (the apples didn’t fall far from the trees). and i saw my kata.
i love ally and dan so much and it was a real honor to be a part of this day. will and i are going to miss them. i stopped by their house the following monday and it made leaving surreal. i couldn’t believe that ally and i wouldn’t be grabbing coffee together or get dinner. i won’t be able to see their daily lives as husband and wife. i have to learn how to be a long-distant friend.


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