i’m pumped!!

the past 24 hours have been AH-mazing! seriously, i’m on cloud nine just from last night and today!
first, last night, after waiting f-o-r-e-v-e-r for the internet/router to show up, will and i headed out to usher hall (a mere 3ish blocks from our flat) to see a symphony highlighting mozart’s requiem performed by the royal scottish national orchestra and chorus; a 130+ member chorus that is. i had never heard such beautiful music live before. i mean, i was speechless. the first two compositions were “benedictus” by mackenzie and “symphony no.6 fantaisies symphoniques” by martinu. then came mozart’s requiem. all three were absolute works of art. i’m so glad we went.

today i woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6am. i know what you’re thinking. it’s didn’t take me long to get acclimated, eh? well, we’ll see how i feel tomorrow after my 3.5 mile adventure today. will and i went out for some breakfast where i tried out the scottish oats. they had a, icky consistecy that reminded me  of vomit. like it was in the works of being digested. um, no thank you. i’ll stick to my american oats ifyoudontmind. we’ll just add that to the list of things i need my mom to send me if i can’t find the quaker kind in the store (or if i can’t afford it). but my hot chocolate was delish so i nursed that.

after breakfast will and i parted ways so he could work on a paper due monday; but not before making him take a picture of me in one of the red phonebooths!

i know, i’m awesome. so, then i just walked. well, with an agenda. i had errands to run. i know, so soon? yep, i needed to go grocery shopping and get a couple of knick knacks that would help make our little flat more homey; and functional (i.e a shower caddy and mattress topper were on the top of the list). also, this was my first outing in the city all by myself. this was my time to figure out exactly what kind of city God had brought us to and whether or not He knew what He was doing. so, to add to the list of things i did today i took pictures of the beautiful city i can now call home. the sun was out, it was in the mid 50’s (which apparently is hot for this time of year – thank you Lord), the clouds were scarce most of the day. top that off with efficiency, productivity, a successful first time on the bus, and peace about the next four years of our lives and we have ourselves a glorious day ladies and gentlemen!

i had read about a farmer’s market that takes place on castle terrace (southwest of the castle) every saturday from 9a-2p. they didn’t have anything on my list so i didn’t stay for long. i’m telling you i was focused. however, i want to go back next week with will so we can just walk through all of the booths and enjoy some of the vendors.

also, i saw diet coke for dirt cheap. this will be very useful for when my parents come to visit. i’ll have to buy out the store so my dad has enough while he’s here. not an exaggeration.

i also saw a blockbuster on my way to the bus stop. a dying breed.

then, i got home and started cooking. i know, right? i was like the energizer bunny. i went to 8 stores, a market, checked off everything on my list, AND made a homemade meal! yes, i used “homemade” appropriately. i wanted to make fettucini alfredo with chicken for will (his favorite) but i couldn’t find any alfredo sauce so i made it from scratch. i had done it once before and with the help of giada (courtesy of “everyday italian” seriously, she makes it so simple!) it was easy to consider doing it again.

i will be honest and say the alfredo sauce was looking different from the last time i made it so i got a bit nervous but it was a success! everything was. all that i had been bottling inside of me, the questions, the concerns, the anticipation, the excitement, and the nerves of moving to a far away land that everyone loved “while they were on vacation” (keyword = vacation) was answered today. i knew i wouldn’t have any answers until i explored on my own with a mission to figure out how the city and i would get along. we’re gonna be great together! i now have no fears, no worries, no hesitations, nor any concerns about mine and will’s life here in edinburgh, scotland. i’ve got God’s peace that makes me 167,984% confidant that we’re gonna do great here! seriously, i’m on cloud 9! nothing’s more satisfying than making a transatlantic move with your husband and having the peace of God that everything is going to be better than anyone could imagine! of course some would say i should have the peace before the move. um, no. it’s faith that got me to move and peace that’s getting me to stay. of course i know not everyday will be wonderful and easy. i know there will be tough days ahead, that’s a given. but not today. today was wonderful. today got me pumped!


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