flat sweet flat

i have safely arrived in edinburgh and into the arms of the one i love! i can’t believe we were apart for seven weeks. we both decided to never do that again. never. this is us just after me getting off the plane. i love us!

ok, so, after lugging three suitcases, a bike box, and a hiking backpack through a 30 minute bus ride into the city, a five minute taxi ride to our building, and up 3 flights of steps to our flat we were finally home! will did a fantastic job of picking out our new home! i absolutely love it!

note: these are all “before” pictures. i took these literally 24hrs after landing on scottish soil. please don’t judge by the mess we’ve created. and i don’t know why they’re blurry but if you click on the picture itself you will see it’s more clear and crisp self! thanks.

this is our building’s front door.

they count the ground floor as the 1st floor and then their “1st floor” is technically the second floor so our “3rd floor flat” is really on the 4th floor.

here’s our blue door! the knobs here are mainly for show. they don’t really turn or do much of anything. once you’ve unlocked the door then you can just push it open.

The one on the right is our bedroom.

next, is the bathroom with the smallest sink and shower i have ever seen; they’re borderline cute. oh, and pardon the mess, we just dumped all things toiletry on the nook behind the toilet… like i said, these are all “before” pictures.

about the towel over the bathroom door, it’s for privacy. we thought the weirdly etched/patterned glass would suffice. it doesn’t.

now onto the kitchen/family room/dining room. i love this room!

that encased “space heater” is actually a gas fireplace. fancy!

one weird thing about this place is that the fridge is outside of the kitchen and uber small.

here’s a closer look at our kitchen.

And now back to the front door.

a really cool thing about the flat is the key… it’s a modern day skeleton key!


6 thoughts on “flat sweet flat

  1. This is all so exciting! I am so happy you two are together again; I can’t imagine what that was like. I hope you can begin to relax in your new little home :) Love that key by the way. Love you guys and praying for you!

  2. What a cute flat! Reminds me of the ones I’ve seen on HGTV when they go to Europe. It’s going to be really cute after you add your flair to it. So happy for you and Will but we all miss you both already! Work and WEAG aren’t the same :( But we’re all happy and excited for you and thanks so much for sharing your pictures! Praying for you both as you follow this new path God has led you to!

    • thanks gayle! yeah, will did a wonderful job! i’m so proud of him :)
      i miss home too… like, the fact that i know where everything is… aha! but i’ll be back to visit.

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