two weeks ago i went to visit my dear friends ruth and jody been in colorado. they live just outside of denver. some people were like, “why would you spend the money on that trip when you’re moving to scotland?” (coughmomanddadcough) but i did what i do best and had an “a.d.d. moment.” i went on this trip for 3 big reasons.

1) i needed to see my dear ruthie. she means so much to me. ever since we graduated highschool we’ve never really been in the same place. we were both in richmond for a small stint after college but then she went off to korea to teach english, meet her man, and then get her man more schooling in colorado. and now i’m off to scotland. also, ruth is one of those friends that moms and dads pray their kids meet. she’s supportive, wise, funny, precious, and absolutely wonderful in every way possible. i love her so much! and jody now too. i had only met him once before but i feel just as close to him as i am to ruth. he’s a wonderful person and so genuine and kind. i am very grateful for the two of them.

2) i needed a distraction and i wanted to get away. i decided my birthday was the perfect time to treat myself. it allowed me an escape and it helped time fly quickly because as soon as i got back i had to hit the ground running: i picked up san, i hung out with san, i said goodbye to san, i worked three 12’s (12hr shift) in a row, i went to two bridal showers, i worked three more 12’s in a row and here i am. it’s been another two weeks which means now i’m just three weeks away from my departure date!! yay!

3) i have always wanted to visit colorado and hike up to the top of some mountain/hill to see the “purple mountain majesties”! my very first road trip was with a friend and her two kids (toddlers at the time) just to get her to her mom’s in colorado and then the husband flew me back home 12hrs later. seriously, it sucked. so i’d resolved myself to come back.

and now here’s how it all went down!

i flew into denver around midnight thursday night/friday morning (i know, i’m an awesome house guest). we woke up friday morning ready to tackle the day. NOT! i totally got hit hard with the altitude change so after making breakfast i went back to sleep for 3 more hours (again, awesome houseguest). then i woke up and went to the store with ruth to get ingredients for our homemade pizzas!

the next morning we woke up early to set out for the rockies! i have been looking forward to this for a while now. yumi was eager too.



on the way up there we came to a cluster of aspen trees. they were gorgeous.

we finally reached the top and my breath was taken away. i was floored at how magnificent the mountains looked and how small i felt but how accomplished i felt at the same time. i just climbed up a mountain. like, a real mountain. yes, it was only 3 miles and yes i wanted to throw up and faint the whole way up  and yes old people were practically lapping us (altitude sickness is not a joke) but it was an amazing experience; especially to be able to share it with two wonderful friends that i love so dearly.

so, with my dearly loved friends we enjoyed the summit the best way we knew how: jumping pictures!

i believe ruthie and i are kindred picture-taking-sisters. we both do weird things with our hands and our mouths are wide open. ha! i love it! ok, so then we snacked on some dehydrated fruits and veggies: jody’s new obsession. i will say that i hate bananas but i loved the dehydrated banana chips. mmmmmm!

on the way back down we found a flat spot and hung hammocks to rest and enjoy the peace of the mountain.

on the ride home i was able to see the sun set behind the mountains.

i just think it’s the neatest thing to look west and there are the “purple mountain majesties.”

all in all it was a wonderful trip. i felt so rejuvenated and ready to tackle another 4 weeks without my will. of course, as i’m posting this (because wordpress was being a butt) i have less than 6 days before i’m on a plane to edinburgh! i can’t believe i’m moving. it hasn’t hit me yet. i don’t think it’ll hit me until i’m there and have been there for a bit. i don’t know, we’ll see. there’s still so much to do here: finish packing, clean, say some more goodbyes, and get through dan and ally’s wedding. lots to do and no time to stop: except to blog of course!

ok, i’m leaving you with a shot of yumi, ruth and jody’s mini dachshund.



6 thoughts on “colorado

  1. Yay! I got a blog post! I feel so legit in your world now!!! Does that mean I don’t have to blog about it, then?? LOL. I was thinking I needed to, but it would just look a lot like the post you wrote (complete with all the praise about my awesome-ness). Heh heh. LOVE YOU!

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