happy birthday to me!

for those of you who are curious i had a nice birthday.
it started off with a family tradition of waking the birthday person up with cake and balloons and presents and singing! i have always loved this tradition because i love celebrating birthdays and what better way than to start the day off celebrating?

i got some money and 3 cupcakes from frostings… mmm, delish!

that morning i chilled and caught up on my favorite shows: glee, parenthood, and modern family. then i met up with my mother-in-law, cathy, who has my same birthday (crazytown!) for lunch. cathy works at the church and some of her coworkers took the both of us out the brio at stony point for more deliciousness! note: cathy’s the one in the khaki colored ruffled sweater.

then cathy and i hung out for the afternoon. we went to cvs where i took some passport pictures for my uk visa application and we bought some nail stuff to paint out nails. i’d show you the finished product except i didn’t give myself enough time to let them dry and so they look sub par. but, i digress. then when my mom came home my parents and i went out to cinebistro in stony point and enjoyed dinner and a movie! the food was good, as well as the service. we watched “the debt” with helen mirren. i love her. and can i just say i love the sinks in the bathrooms? well, i do. and so does my mom.












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