better than brownie bites

i don’t know if any of you have seen the phenomenon that is the oreo baked inside of a chocolate chip cookie but i have and i immediately had to try it. and yes, they taste as good as they look. so, i found the original recipe here by picky palate. she has a bunch of cool recipes to try.
anyway, i had made these before with my brother and we both loved it and wanted to make them again. now, i did make a couple of modifications so here’s what i did:

first, i mixed the cookie dough (no, i’m not susie homemaker that will make cookie dough from scratch; especially when its just $1.99 in the bag and all i need is butter and an egg). then i coated a mini-muffin pan and put a bottom layer of cookie dough at the bottom.

then i placed a mini oreo on top of that.

then i topped that off with more cookie dough.

then i baked them at 350 degrees for 8-9 minutes

then i let them cool in the pan for a minute before taking them out to cool on a pan.

don’t they look so cute?! they’re like brownie bites but better. seriously, better than brownie bites.
my brother and i thought that the originals were a bit too rich so that’s why we made the changes. have you tried this recipe before? what did you think?


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